What will the world look like with 10,000,000 fully empowered men?

The Quantum King movement was borne from that question.

On one level, our mission is to help 10,000,000 men activate, embody, and integrate their inner king.

On another, it’s to bear witness to what’s possible for our families, our businesses, and our society as a whole when men drop the insidious belief in their own brokenness — and instead awaken to a deeper, more life-affirming truth.

That at our core — we can be infinitely powerful, compassionate, forgiving, loving, creative and regenerative.

That it’s our responsibility (and privilege) to re-awaken these qualities — and to let them lead us in creating a legendary life across all core areas (fatherhood, relationships, health, entrepreneurship, etc.)

And that the time is now to step into that fullness with awe and reverence for what we are — and a crazed bloodlust for what we might yet become.

For the next men’s movement isn’t a movement against, but a movement within. And the freedom earned comes not at the expense of others — but to the benefit of all.

We honor you for joining us in the journey.

We see you in your struggle — and stand with you in your glory.

And with that, we say…

I see you, King

Phil & Ryan
Co-Founders, Quantum King Media.-

Who’s Behind Quantum King Media

The Quantum King movement is run by a growing collective of world-class experts spanning the fields of personal transformation, practical mysticism, intimacy and embodiment, 5-dimensional fitness™ (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic), and digital marketing.

Hendrix Black

Co-Founder, CEO


Co-Founder, COO