June 1st, 2020 • 2 Minute Read

Rise of the Warrior Lover

Don’t fight to be right.

Don’t fight to have your partner bear the burden of your hurts.

To shame, blame or hold them accountable for your unhealed wounds.

Don’t fight to have your fears or disempowering beliefs validated.

To confirm the “realness” of the bloodthirsty leeches that will suck all life from your wounded heart.

Don’t fight to share in that heartache.

Or to diffuse the sting of your unchecked rage.

Don’t fight each other.

Fight for each other.

With each other.

Fight for the highest versions of you that you’ve yet to become.

To each be seen, heard and witnessed in your fullness.

Fight for your shadows to be seen and healed.

For truth to prevail over delusion.

For mutual-empowerment.

Fight for the long-overdue liberation of your deepest desires.

Fight for each other’s pleasure.

For each other’s growth.

For what you know in your hearts is possible.

Fight for love.

And when it’s won…

Drop the fight and saturate in its spoils.

But by all appropriate means, fight.

Fight fiercely, not timidly, for the love you’ve committed to honor, expand and defend.

Fight bravely, emptying yourself in service to something greater.

Don’t be a bystander as your relationship is bludgeoned by yesterday’s imagined betrayal.

Capsized in the cold waters of selfishness and pride.

Don’t let your relationship bleed out as it’s falsely-defended by your forced niceness, flaccid promises, or pre-scripted pleasantries.

Don’t sheath your sword or numb your tongue under the guise of presumed “safety”.

For a truth that doesn’t cut through falsehood, is no truth at all.

And a sword that doesn’t pierce through the rusted iron of an armored heart, is not the sword of the warrior lover — but of the falsely-crowned victim.

Swing it not with a limp-wrist but an open heart.

Swing it with compassionate power – in devoted service to your greatest love.

For the lover and the warrior are inseparable.

And once you’ve ripped through the thick layer of all you’ve presumed yourselves to be.

Drop the sword.

Shed the tears of the vanquished victim.

Gently mourn the fallen coward.

And relish in the radiance of the newly-awakened lover.

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Hendrix Black

Hendrix Black is a men's empowerment coach & the co-founder of Quantum King Media; a personal growth platform with a mission to help 10,000,000 men live richer, more vital and fully expressed lives. He writes frequently on the topics of fatherhood, relationships, entrepreneurship and purpose-driven wealth creation.