The Stroke That Saved My Life

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Some movements start in a moment of glorious insight.

Others begin as a necessary rebellion against a common oppressor.

This one, the one you’re participating in right now by being part of this community…

Began on a shitty beige couch.


Unable to speak.

Unable to connect intention with bodily action.

And the utterly perfect moment of inner stillness to see the first striking of a match…

The one that would light the way for all that was yet to come.

The one that would relentlessly burn away all limiting ideas of self that blocked the way

The one that would set ablaze a mission that seemed both impossible yet inevitable.

This was the stroke that brought me to the brink of bodily extinction…

… only to awaken me to an unmatched aliveness, and the unbending will to express it.

I tell the story in the new video in the comments below.

I see you, King.



About The Author

Hendrix Black

Hendrix Black is a men's empowerment coach & the co-founder of Quantum King Media; a personal growth platform with a mission to help 10,000,000 men live richer, more vital and fully expressed lives. He writes frequently on the topics of fatherhood, relationships, entrepreneurship and purpose-driven wealth creation.