Where Did Men Go Wrong? How Will Men Go Right?

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Dear King,

They want to know what happened.

They read the headlines — and ask “where did shit go so wrong?” How did we come to this? What happened to our men?

They’ve invited the panels — the scholars — the scientists — the doctors – the psychologists.
They’ve observed you from the safety of their thick, double-paned glass — and turned away the moment you expressed anything that didn’t fit their pre-built narrative.

It’s become fashionable to talk about the so-called “masculinity crisis”.

To wax philosophical over the political, social, and cultural factors that have led to the “brokenness of man” while longing for a return to some loosely-defined glory days where “men were men”.

“We’ve lost the rite of initiation” they’ll say. An easy scapegoat for our starving spirits.

And by all measure, they’re not wrong. We have bi-passed the sacredness of initiation, and forged headlong into roles we’ve been ill-equipped to endure.

But where they are wrong is that initations aren’t recovered or restored — they’re not archaic, fossilized remnants of a time none of us were born into. They’re discovered and created within the context of our daily lives.

And in truth, we’re already stewing in the intense initiatory fires of our lives — in our relationships, in our businesses, in fatherhood.

The crucible isn’t found in a weekend retreat or in the nostalgic longings for simpler times — but in the fabric of our everyday dealings and the unmatched pressures and stakes they carry.

For the weight of expectation on the current man has never been so great — we expect ourselves to crush it in life, in business, as fathers and as partners, without recognizing that the mere ATTEMPT is unprecedented in the obstacles it encounters — and the heroics it demands.

Lost in the fervent call for men to “be more”, is the fact that man already is more than he’s ever been. Almost unbearably more.

This is the most fearless initiation in the history of man. These waters are indeed uncharted.

Terra Incog-fucking-nita.

Yet instead of honoring the sheer will and courage needed to even embark on this unprecedented journey — men are often shamed, slandered, and abandoned as their sinking ships succumb to an intensity they were never trained to withstand.

The respect and reverence we desperately thirst for ourselves is unjustly reserved for the mythical hero with only a fraction of the real-life burdens you so courageously bear.

Superman didn’t have to soothe a teething infant and save the world on four hours sleep.

King Leonidas didn’t have to bring money home in a crumbling, post-industrial economy.

Buddha discovered his true nature — but left a son and family behind to do so.

Statues have been erected and movies made for men far less courageous than you already are.

So crown yourself, king. For you’re already doing the impossible.

The demands on the modern man require an evolutionary leap in being — not an endless circle jerk of finger pointing, nor an exceedingly impotent commentary on where shit went wrong.

As such, The Quantum King movement — and all that follows will not be a passive commentary on “men”, but an urgent call to arms.

Not a political treatise — nor a socio-economic diatribe, but a raw and intimate exploration of YOUR experience as a man — and the initiatory fires needed to shift that experience into a more abundant, expressive, and expansive one.

To not strive for peace or power — but to unearth them from the thick slabs of fear and conditioning that have kept them buried for as long as your mind allows you to venture.

The goal is no longer to simply “start a conversation” around what is meaningful and necessary — but to fire up the engine of what drives us to change. Anything short of a quantum leap simply won’t do. The stakes are simply too high.

We no longer have the luxury of being so benign and calculated. Nor do we have the luxury of being so limp-wristed in the outsourcing of our evolution to science and scholars.

Instead, you’re called to drum up the courage to live with complete awe and reverence of what you truly are — and to lead the urgently needed evolution of modern man one heartbeat at a time.

One initiatory fire at a time.

One courageous confrontation with shadow at a time.

One death — one rebirth at a time.

It’s time to stop asking the question of ‘where did men go wrong”, and instead, start living the answer to:

How will men go right.

The 7 Initiatory Fires await.

May you be so bold.



About The Author

Hendrix Black

Hendrix Black is a men's empowerment coach & the co-founder of Quantum King Media; a personal growth platform with a mission to help 10,000,000 men live richer, more vital and fully expressed lives. He writes frequently on the topics of fatherhood, relationships, entrepreneurship and purpose-driven wealth creation.