June 1st, 2020 • Minute Read

When was the last time you gazed into your partner’s eyes?

When was the last time you gazed into your partner’s eyes for more than 10 seconds?

When you dared to see them as they are…

Not as something you’ve imagined them to be.

When was the last time you let your heart venture beyond yesterday’s hurts and betrayals…

And into the vast expanse of your partner’s inherent innocence.

When was the last time you consciously chose appreciation over resentment?

Forgiveness over bitterness.

Apology over the self-righteous assault against anything that sought to quell your rage.

When was the last time you allowed yourself to be seen.

To be honored.

To be revered.

To be celebrated.

Rather than resistant to the very things you claim to desire.

Fenced-off heart and folded arms as your lungs go dry screaming for warm embrace.

When was the last time you chose to skip the well-worn smile or pre-scripted pleasantries?

And gave the unspoken its time to rule.

When was the last time you were open enough to see beyond an easy narrative?

A belief disguised as truth.

A contrived story that validates a petty hurt.

And dared leap into a more empowering, heart-affirming reality.

When was the last time you were big enough to see him as king.

And her as queen.

And granted each other the well-earned reverence such titles would imply.

All of this is available.

Not to the lovers who’ve read every book on the shelf.

Or the ones who shelled $500/night for the instagram-worthy villa.

But to the ones who chose to gaze into their partner’s eyes…

And to finally see and feel all that they’ve been missing.

The trip of a lifetime is two feet in front of you.

Relish in the ride.

About The Author

Hendrix Black

Hendrix Black is a men's empowerment coach & the co-founder of Quantum King Media; a personal growth platform with a mission to help 10,000,000 men live richer, more vital and fully expressed lives. He writes frequently on the topics of fatherhood, relationships, entrepreneurship and purpose-driven wealth creation.