June 1st, 2020 • Minute Read

Your Wife or Partner…

Your wife or partner…

… doesn’t secretly hate you.

… isn’t planning your demise.

… isn’t trying to burden you.

… doesn’t take joy in your pain or frustration.

Your wife or partner…

… doesn’t crave your compromise.

… doesn’t desire your half-hearted “yes”.

… doesn’t lust over your limp-wristed concessions.

… won’t tolerate your twisted truths.

… won’t accept responsibility for your biggest regrets.

Rather, your wife or partner…

… demands your deepest gifts of love and heart-driven power.

… craves your unconditional embrace and reverence.

… lusts over your self-led pursuits

… thirsts for your fullest expression.


One way or another, you and your partner will someday depart.

And on that day…

She won’t mourn the loss of a broken man —

But will shed endless tears for her fallen king.

About The Author

Hendrix Black

Hendrix Black is a men's empowerment coach & the co-founder of Quantum King Media; a personal growth platform with a mission to help 10,000,000 men live richer, more vital and fully expressed lives. He writes frequently on the topics of fatherhood, relationships, entrepreneurship and purpose-driven wealth creation.